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Who are some of your clients?

My client list includes private individuals, attorneys and corporations. I have appraised artwork donated to major museums. Due to ethical obligations of confidentiality to all clients, I do not release names, but will provide references upon request.

What is the process for getting an art appraisal?

Call me to discuss your need for an appraisal (insurance, IRS related, etc.) At a mutually convenient date and time, I will visit the collection to examine, measure and photograph the art to be appraised. Upon completion of research, an appraisal document is generated.

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How are appraisal fees determined?

An estimate of fees is given in the initial discussion of the assignment. Fees represent time undertaken to conduct the examination, research and analyze market data for the subject properties and to prepare the document. Charging a fee based on a percentage of value is contrary to good ethics and IRS regulations. Travel expenses are incurred for appraisals outside of Maricopa County.

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Where can I get a referral for an appraiser?

For an accredited appraiser with high professional standards, contact an appraisal organization such as the American Society of Appraisers (www.appraisers.org). They can provide you with names of appraisers specializing in personal property (art, jewelry, antiques, coins, etc.), real estate and business valuation.

Why can’t you Appraise my Art Online from Photographs?

A photograph does not give sufficient information for an accurate appraisal. A significant aspect of value is the condition of an item, which may not be apparent in a photo. In addition, it is difficult to determine the medium, whether the art depicted in a photo is original or reproductive, and to determine ownership.

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